Shift 2 Unleashed
17. März 2011 01. Juli 2014 Lukas Fellner

Weitere FAQ auf SpeedHunters

Auf gibt es erneut einen Artikel der auf einige Fragen der User eingeht und dieses auch beantwortet. Hierbei kommen die Antworten direkt von Slightly Mad Studios.

Es sind neben einigen interessanten Fragen auch neue Screenshots dabei.

Im rather upset that photomode questions were not asked or answered. I love sim games, but I am also a photographer. To be honest, Shift 1s photomode was piss poor. Bad compression, bad everything. Will this be improved in Shift 2?

The photo mode in Shift2 is significantly enhanced over what was available in Shift1. You can now access photo mode at any time during a career, quick race, a replay, and directly in the garage. The photomode controls allows you to cycle through all the various camera views (including trackside cams) and also allows you to toggle to a walk mode where you can freely move around the car, rotate/pitch/roll/pan/zoom the camera, and set up the shot exactly as you want it.

Dont forget also that you can also share your photos (and replays) via Autolog.

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Shift 2 Unleashed FAQ

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