Shift 2 Unleashed
23. November 2010 01. Juli 2014 Lukas Fellner

Shift 2 besser als Gran Turismo 5?

Vor kurzem wurde der 2. Teil des realistischen Need for Speed angekündigt und EAs Patrick Soderlund meinte in einem Interview gegenüber CVG das Shift 2 Unleashed ein authentischeres Fahrgefühl als Gran Turismo 5 bieten soll.

Er meinte im Unfamg wird man Gran Turismo 5 nicht schlagen können aber beim Realismus.

Das Interview auf Englisch:

"If you look at the differences between the current games we have on the market, Obviously Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo, there is a big difference in those two products and they will share audiences to some extent," he said.

"But at the same time I would think that they also have non-overlapping significant audience that wont buy Gran Turismo but will buy Need For Speed and obviously vice versa."

"But if you compare Shift and Gran Turismo, I actually do see Shift as a direct competitor to Gran Turismo for sure," he added.

"Honestly, my take on this. Would I want to compete with Gran Turismo on sheer scale - meaning number of cars and the depth that they have in the game? Probably not.

"What does make sense to me... I think they have a very sterile, almost car collecting type of product where thats mainly what we do and I think we can offer something different," he continued.

"Our idea is that if we can offer the most authentic driving experience and portray what it feels like being inside a race car, then I think thats where we can excel and where we absolutely will beat them. That I know for sure."

Shift 2 Unleashed wird wieder von Slightly Mad Studios entwickelt und erscheint im Frühjahr 2011. Die ersten News, den ersten Trailer und die ersten Screenshots findet ihr natürlich bei uns.

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