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14. November 2010 01. Juli 2014 Lukas Fellner

Performance Customization Overview

Nächste Woche Mittwoch wird das neue Update mit Version 5 von Need for Speed World veröffentlicht. Im neuen Update ist das neue Performance Customization enthalten und auf der offiziellen Need for Speed Homepage wurde eine kleine Übersicht zum neuen Performance Customization gepostet.

The new system allows you to tune any of your owned cars to reach greater levels of performance. World started the tuning process with a very simple three-stage performance bundle but in the new system gamers can add individual performance parts to one of six different categories:

- Engine

- Forced Induction

- Transmission

- Suspension

- Brakes

- Tires

Adding performance parts will affect your car by increasing or decreasing Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling.  Generally top speed and acceleration will be affected by parts in the engine, forced induction and transmission categories.  Handling will be affected by parts in the suspension, brakes and tires categories.

Unless youre in a race or a pursuit you can tune your cars any time. To access performance customization:

- Go to the "Safehouse

- Choose "Customization

- Enter the "Performance Shop"

The Performance Shop has a few sections:

Parts Panel

- The parts panel on the left shows what parts are currently installed on the car.

Preview Bar

- The preview bar on the bottom shows the changes in performance when parts are being installed or removed


- The Store usually sells basic performance parts which you can purchase and install onto your car to give a small boost to performance.

- Your Inventory holds all the parts you have received through Lucky Draw rewards or otherwise. This can be accessed by clicking on the button toggle next to the Store label.

Am Dienstag werden noch mehr Infos zum neuen Performance Customization veröffentlicht.