Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
15. Februar 2011 01. Juli 2014 Lukas Fellner

Konsolen Patch für Hot Pursuit veröffentlicht

Gestern ist ein neu neuer Konsolen Patch(Xbox 360 und Playstation 3)  für den Arcade Racer Need for Speed Hot Pursuit erschienen.

Wirklich große Veränderungen bringt der Patch auf den ersten Blick aber seht selbst:

- Fixed various issue to do with players getting stuck on loading after joining online games at specific times.

- Online trial thank you screen appears if the user looses the connection during boot flow on the online pass screen

- Fixed an issue with road block placement on Coral Bay Drive in "Highway Battle" event

- Fixed various issues with the number of snapshot/dreamshots taken displaying incorrectly.

- As well an issue where the player was messaged that they could take no more photos when they had not reached the limit.

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