24. März 2011 01. Juli 2014 Lukas Fellner

Einblicke in Karriere, Handling und Autolog

Drei neue Artikel auf dem Gamerzines Blog geben euch einen genaueren Einblick in die Karriere, das Handling und Autolog in Shift 2 Unleashed.


In der Karriere von Shift 2 Unleashed spielt ihr den Werdegang eines Rennfahrers der sich von einfach Events bis zur FIA GT1 hocharbeitet.

You’ll start out in Modern D races, being thrown behind the wheel of a relatively less-powerful car like a Ford Focus or Volkswagen Polo (there are eight to choose from), and put through your paces by Formula D champ Vaughn Gittin JR who introduces you to elements of the game via cutscenes.

To increase your Driver Level you must earn XP, which you’ll earn by almost everything you do on the track. Sticking to the racing line, overtaking an opponent, drafting, completing race objectives (like beating a certain lap time or mastering all corners), beating Autolog recommendations and your finishing position are just a few of the things that will earn you experience points, and if you’re struggling to get past particular races it’s possible to go back over previous event to grind your level. You don’t necessarily need to beat a certain level’s events to proceed – if you earn enough XP, you’ll automatically unlock the next level.

Mehr Infos zur Karriere wie Erfahrungspunkte(XP) und Fahrerlevel gibt es im Blog.


Im Artikel zum Handling in Shift 2 Unleashed werden die verschiedenen Fahrhilfen in den verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden gezeigt.

Shift 2: Unleashed promises to be one of the most realistic racing games ever released – and with a claim like that, the game’s handling will most likely be the area that makes or breaks it.

Shift 2 comes loaded with five different handling options: Novice, Normal, Experienced, Pro and Elite, each offering different handling presets. You can change them at any point you like, both in the game’s Career mode or in the options screen. Try each of them out until you find one you like.


Im dritten und letzten Artikel wird Autolog noch genauer vorgestellt. Die verschiedenen Seiten und deren Funktionen.

Introduced in last year’s Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Autolog has seen some significant changes to both its design and functionality for Shift 2: Unleashed.

Like its previous iteration, Autolog lets you connect with friends, comparing and challenging them to beat specific lap times. However, this time you can also share video replays and compare your times on regional and global leaderboards.

Autolog’s easy to access, done so by pressing the Back/Select button while on any of Shift 2’s menu screens. So, let’s take a look at it.

Shift 2 Unleashed - Karriere @Gamerzines

Shift 2 Unleashed - Handling @Gamerzines

Shift 2 Unleashed - Autolog @Gamerzines

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